Interconnect Pipelines

WBI Energy Midstream offers the following take-away opportunities.
Our natural gas pipeline is interconnected to:

WBI Energy Transmission, Inc.
WBI Energy Transmission, Inc. provides transportation, storage and gathering services in Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming.  Interconnecting pipeline points include Bowdoin Mainline and Whitewater PLD.

Omimex Canada, Ltd.   E-Mail
Omimex Canada, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Omimex Resource Inc. whose head office is located in Fort Worth, TX.  In November 2003 Omimex purchased oil and gas properties located in northern Montana that were formerly owned by Encana.  The Omimex Canada, Ltd. office is located in Butte, Montana.  Interconnecting pipeline points include Omimex Whitewater.