Our Company

WBI Energy Midstream...
The link between producers and the market.

WBI Energy Midstream owns and operates over 800 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines in Montana and Wyoming. The gathering pipelines and associated compression facilities are operated by our veteran pipeline personnel.  

WBI Energy Midstream is part of the MDU Resources Group, Inc. (NYSE:MDU) family of companies, which are involved with all facets of natural gas from the wellhead to the burner tip.

WBI Energy Midstream Offers:

Compression Services
WBI Energy Midstream can provide compression services from the wellhead to the sales line. 

Unparalleled Customer Service
WBI Energy Midstream wants to partner with you to make your project successful.
Our customer service team is focused on helping your company achieve its production and gas scheduling objectives.

Full Range of Services
WBI Energy Midstream is part of the MDU Resources Group, Inc. family of companies.  As a result, we're connected to a vast wealth of expertise in compression facilities management, pipeline engineering services, measurement and construction.

Flexible and Creative Structuring
WBI Energy Midstream will do what needs to be done.  As a result, we are willing to offer flexible and creative arrangements to provide the services you need to be successful.  Talk to us about your needs and we'll work together to help you solve your problems.

Because of our long history of energy development and delivery in the Rocky Mountain Region, WBI Energy Midstream has the experience and the expertise... and the connections... to get the job done.  Think of us as your link to the marketplace.  We can offer a variety of services to help your company reach its goals.  Our corporation has been active in the energy industry for well over 80 years.  With this solid foundation of experience, we are qualified to provide you with innovative solutions to your energy problems.

We believe that if you are successful, we will be successful.
Let WBI Energy Midstream be your partner to help you maximize your production.